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What students say…

  • Hayley Telling
    Marita’s guidance on fitness and nutrition has not only dramatically improved my agility but has also completely transformed my whole life. She is always an incredibly positive and inspiring agility trainer and competitor, hugely fun to train with and has a massive amount of knowledge and experience in dog training and skills. Marita has also taught me a huge amount about mindset and meditation which has again had a huge impact on my agility but also helps me in day to day life. Thank you so much, Marita, I would happily recommend you to anyone looking to improve any part of their agility.
    Hayley Telling
  • Jess Wealleans
    Marita was the one who championed me to go get a diagnosis for my bizarre symptoms, I'm now on the last leg with an MRI due before Christmas and for the first time in my life I know why I am the way I am. She was the one who helped me finally sleep through a night after 9 months of horrifically broken sleep. She was the one who helped Pip end up with this awesome seesaw after being initially a bit of a pansy AND she was the one who told me where my handling was leaving Alf confused... That last one, I didn't have a clue about. The week after she'd created the plan of things to work on for Alf and I, in terms of handling, he won 85% of his classes, clear. Before, we were just 15% clear. Also - she's a committed tutor - she's on the system every day and the replies she sends are HUGE and so detailed. I can't really recommend it highly enough.
    Jess Wealleans
  • Emma Gamble
    Marita is a brilliant trainer making each session fun and challenging but also at the same time no matter what level or capability you and your dog are at she works out a handling solution for you to be able to achieve the results and to improve for the future. I train with Marita on a regular basis now as she has given me the confidence to attack harder European style courses, train harder weave entries and learn that I can do it! Since training with Marita, we have qualified for Olympia won our first champ ticket qualified for Crufts next year and been invited to join the GB SQUAD!
    Emma Gamble
  • Kathryn Stickney
    The feedback from my regular students has been incredibly positive and they can’t wait until you come back down! They loved your no-nonsense approach and that you got stuck straight into training. You definitely challenged all levels but broke it down appropriately for all the groups and everyone learnt something new and went away with some homework!
    Kathryn Stickney
  • Bernadette Jobbins
    Thank you for coming to teach on the training days. Your teaching was fabulous, courses were really cool, you made us run fast and it was amazing to complete such challenging courses. Amazing feedback from the groups and we can't wait for you to come back again.
    Bernadette Jobbins
  • Heather Richards
    Spice and I love training with Marita. She is really encouraging and challenges us at all times. Her training is very much geared to improving both handler and dog skills, explaining what is needed calmly, clearly and concisely. My confidence in myself as a handler has greatly improved and as a result, my dog is more confident in me. She is a great trainer and I highly recommend her.
    Heather Richards