Get Reliable Running A-Frames!

Join Marita for a 6-week intensive running a-frame masterclass! Using a Facebook group and a series of video lessons, Marita will take you from zero to hero whether your dog has steady stops, unreliable running contacts, or has never seen an a-frame in their life.

Covering everything from basics to advanced sequencing, Marita shares her secrets using a variety of dogs in the teaching videos, sharing issues and setbacks plus how to problem-solve on the go.

Aside from the fact that Marita is an international championship handler with dogs in multiple height categories, she also has a kind, calm and clear teaching style which tends to get foot perfect results most of the time! General comments are answered on the Facebook group and one-to-one support can be secured by taking up the 50% discount for 6-weeks access to the online tuition section of this website.

Next Course Start: 1st September 2020

Ready to Sign Up?

In this pink block you’ll find the option to purchase your spot on the next run of the Reliable Running A-Frames course. To get started, it’s really simple. Just add this space to your cart and follow the instructions to purchase.

From that point onwards, you’ll be in the checkout system which is 100% secure and no personal data is accessible outside of the system. During the checkout process, if your Facebook name is different to the one you’re paying with, add it to the “Additional Instructions” box!

After the checkout process is complete, search Facebook for Reliable Running A-Frames and join the group there – Marita will cross-check your access and accept you to the group, simple!

Course Content

Lesson 1.

Introduction, flat running & confidence

Lesson 2.

Adding height & wing wrap approach

Lesson 3.

Increasing speed!

Lesson 4.

Full height & handler movement

Lesson 5.

Obstacles before & after + fading the toy

Lesson 6.

Sequencing, handling & competing

Course FAQs

Do I need an A-Frame?

Ideally, yes. But not everyone has one! If you don’t you’ll need to get access to one twice per week for the duration of the course at a minimum. If you can only get access once per week, you may not get through to the advanced sequencing, that’s ok, you’ll still have a working running A-frame by the end of the course period.

How do I start?

You’ll need to find and join the “Reliable Running A-Frames” Facebook group first. Click here and send a join request. As soon as Marita cross-checks your access, you’ll be accepted. If you have any issues, get in touch with Marita.

Once in, the course sessions will be available week by week within the group starting on the start-date which can be found at the top of this page!

Can I have help one-to-one?

Sure! As well as having full access to the training materials and direct communication with Marita through the Facebook group, you can opt to have structured, detailed, personalised feedback on your own training videos by requesting an online training space on this website. 

Just get in touch with Marita after you’ve secured your space on the Reliable Running A-Frames course and let he know. She’ll send you back a 50% off coupon to use on the site for online coaching. More information about the online system can be found here.

How long do I get access for?

The Facebook group will be left online for 3 months from the start date, if you need support past this point, simply speak to Marita and take a look at the online tuition offered here.

What are you waiting for?

Go on, get a faster, cleaner, more competitive, reliable running a-frame now…